My initial thoughts on Posthaven

I've been a Posthaven user for less than a week. Here's what I've gathered about the platform:

  • Having limited themes is a good thing - I can focus more on creating content and not spend 10 hours choosing a theme;
  • The editor is rough around the edges - I wish there was support for Markdown and editing links after inserting them is broken;
  • SEO support is lacking - I'm not worried about ranking on Google but I would like the links I share on Slack to look nice;
  • Clicking "Save as Draft" is fun;
It's good enough for me. I can afford the $5 a month and the fee is a good forcing function to get me to write.

It also looks like Posthaven is still being maintained. Their Twitter account is active and one can request features. If you're reading this, you should go vote!