FC Barcelona - PSG (2020-02-16)

First half thoughts

  • Gana (Gueye) was walking on a tight rope with his first yellow card
  • I wish more replays were shown regarding the penalty given to Barcelona; it looked like De Jong tripped himself
  • Mbappe showed great composure to create space in the box and score; when he dribbles, it's like the ball is stuck to his foot
  • As much as I miss the energy from the fans, it's great hearing what players and coaches are saying on the pitch
  • Verratti has been immense so far; great assist to Mbappe on one of his goals
  • Kean's performance so far has been serviceable; he's been linking up well with the midfielders and he's playing the right pass
  • I'm watching the TUDN broadcast and one commentator mentioned that PSG had been the more physical side so far

Second half thoughts

  • Long balls have been Barcelona's undoing
  • Ter Stegen is Barcelona's second best player; PSG have 2-3 more goals if he's not in goal
  • Not much Messi magic; he was dispossessed a couple of times when he wasn't fouled
  • Counterattack leading up to the Mbappe 4-1 goal...ruthless
  • No Neymar, no problem

PSG earn a 4-1 victory!