Benfica - Arsenal FC (2020-02-18)

Lineup thoughts

  • I did not know Vertonghen was a Benfica player
  • I completely forgot about Weigl (ex-Dortmund) and was surprised to see him in the lineup
  • Excited to see Núñez; thank you r/soccer for introducing me to him
  • Solid lineup from Arsenal; good to see Tierney back on the bench and happy for Ode

First half thoughts

  • Auba missed a big chance earlier in the game; no idea how...
  • 26' - Delightful through ball from Ode to Saka as he played a pass almost from half-field into the box; more of this!
  • 28' - ESR wins a ball in midfield; failed counterattack but great pressing sequence which led to Benfica giving the ball away
  • Dani playing pretty deep, receiving the ball from Leno and trying to build the attack from the back
  • Xhaka attempting crosses to the wing/inside the box...should opt for the simple ball
  • 39' - Simple 1-2 with Saka and Bellerin leads to an ESR chance in the box; see my previous point
  • 39' - Great passing sequence between Dani and Ode leading to another great chance but Luiz was ruled offside
  • 41' - Good recovery from Dani; getting Casemiro + Kroos vibes with his interventions + passing
  • 42' - ESR has been a constant threat on the left
  • 45' - Xhaka giveaway (crossing across team's own box) almost leads to a Benfica goal...

Second half thoughts

  • 53' - Unlucky penalty call; Leno almost stopped it too
  • 56' - Arsenal tie-up the game; Cedric assist to Saka but key play was the Ode line-breaking pass to Cedric - yes!
  • TUDN commentator commented on Ode having a "partido flojo" or "sub-par game" - Ode has had his moments this game but he seems to drift in and out; haven't seen him exert his influence on a game like he did when he was at Real Sociedad
  • 67' - Great tackle from Dani to win the ball from Everton; not bad, not bad
  • Asides from the one shot on target that forced Leno into a save this half, Benfica haven't threatened much...great from Arsenal but they need to take advantage of this on the other end
  • 70' - Tierney-ESR partnership down the left :handshake_emoji:
  • Uneventful last 15 minutes tbh

1-1 draw.