2021 Fantasy Football Draft: How I Got Here + Current Outlook

I present the players I drafted (with the 7th pick) this year in the one fantasy football league I play in. Kudos to those who currently manage something like five teams
  1. Diggs
  2. CEH
  3. Kittle
  4. Josh Allen
  5. Mike Davis
  6. Golladay
  7. Jeudy
  8. Corey Davis
  9. Tampa Bay
  10. Michael Carter
  11. Butker
  12. Trevor Lawrence
  13. Tre'Quan
  14. Tevin Coleman
  15. Hunter Henry
Diggs - the better RB1s were already taken by this point and Diggs had a tremendous year last year; thought he could build off that and I didn't think Devante would replicate the performance he had last year

CEH - I'll have to double check but I think I passed up on CEH last year; I felt iffy about this draft pick and my concerns were somewhat validated the first couple of weeks but he's bounced back since

Kittle - drafted Kittle thinking I wasn't going to have to worry about the TE position this year but boy was I wrong; Kittle hasn't scored this year and the injury concerns are back baby; one of the Cowboys receiver would've been nice instead...

Josh Allen - pretty sure Russ was my QB the last 3-4 seasons; Russ was hot the first five weeks last season but then it all came crashing down; changed it up here and was also banking on Allen keeping up last year's numbers; if only I had drafted Kyler but I'm still salty about him leaving TAMU

Mike Davis - felt even more iffy about this draft pick but he did alright in place of CMC last year, probably should've gotten DJ Moore here

Golladay - this one was for my hermano Juan; thought a new change of scenery would be good for Kenny and he's been alright

Jeudy - S-E-C!

Corey Davis - Mr. Hot and Cold; benched him week 1 went he went off

Tampa Bay - not really a fan of streaming defenses (unless it makes sense to me) so I like picking up a top team here right around here

Michael Carter - skimmed some info on the rookie during the draft and felt good enough to take him here

Butker - consensus top-5 kicker...not this season

Trevor Lawrence - was already looking forward to Allen's bye week; have since dropped Trevor and will probably stream a QB week 7

Tre'Quan - Michael Thomas was going to be out for the first part of the season

Tevin Coleman - thought someone in the Jets backfield would takeover eventually but have parted ways since

Hunter Henry -  Mr. Irrelevant


And now, I present my team 5 weeks into the season. Bolded players are players I either traded for or have picked up. Currently sitting at 0 wins and 4 losses

  1. Diggs
  2. CEH
  3. Kittle
  4. Josh Allen
  5. Golladay
  6. Jeudy
  7. Tampa Bay
  8. Butker
  9. Elijah Mitchell
  10. Odell
  11. Alex Collins
  12. Jared Cook
  13. Gainwell
  14. Josh Reynolds
  15. Mooney

Mitchell - acquired as part of the Davis and Davis trade for Odell and Mitchell; jury is still out...

Odell - acquired as part of the Davis and Davis trade for Odell and Mitchell; will hold out on Odell; there's been a lot of interest + hoping the price goes up

Alex Collins - heard murmurs about Carson's neck injury and sent Collins to the top of my waiver adds list; I'm alright with the shift he put against the Rams

Jared Cook - Kittle back-up plan in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Gainwell - picked up earlier this season; will see how things play out after numerous unsuccessful attempts to get Miles Sanders

Josh Reynolds - Aggie wide receivers need some love; Josh got a lot of targets with Julio and AJ Brown out but I don't think I'll hold on to him with Brown coming back

Mooney - missed out on Mooney in the draft but found him on the waivers earlier this season; I inexplicably dropped him then was able to pick him up again; could be worse...see Arob